8 Amazing Workouts to Lose Belly Fat in Two Weeks

By | July 3, 2020

The belly fat is very stubborn, and it is challenging to get rid of it if you do not take proper care of it. Due to a bad lifestyle and poor food diet can increase your weight and the fat gets accumulated in the belly. So, if you do not take proper care of your health, you can face lots of issues because of obesity. Like high blood pressure, stomach problems, gas, stomach pain, and stomach cramps and many more.

So, if you want to reduce your belly fat, you should properly take care of the food items that you consume. You should cut down fat content from your diet.

Best Workouts to Lose Belly Fat


No other exercises can reduce your fat other than the crunches. As per the fitness experts, this exercise comes first on top of the most common exercises for reducing the stubborn belly fat.

how to do crunches

  1. Lie down on the floor or the yoga mat with the help of your knees and place your feet on the floor.
  2. Keep the hands behind your head or place them crossing your chest
  3. Inhales breathe deeply inside, lift the upper torso from the floor and then exhale the air gently.
  4. After getting back down, you have to inhale the air again and exhale when you lift your upper torso region
  5. As the beginner, you have to practice crunches ten times each day.

Side Crunches Workout

This exercise is quite similar to that of the twist crunch. The best thing you can do about this exercise is to tilt your legs on the same side along with your shoulders. This exercise mainly focuses on the muscles on both sides.

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side crunches workout

  1. Lie down on your yoga mat and keep the hands as like behind your head
  2. Flex your knees and place the feet on the floor as like the twist crunch.
  3. Raise your right shoulder towards the left one and at the same time; tilt the legs on the same side of your shoulder.
  4. Alternately, lift the left shoulder towards the right one and then tilt your legs to the equal right shoulder.

Twist Crunches

This exercise is quite beneficial as like the crunches and the side crunches. It helps to reduce your belly fat faster than other exercises.

twist crunches

  1. Lie down on the ground and place your hands behind the head.
  2. Bend your knees then and position the feet on the ground as like the crunches exercise.
  3. While the exercise is performed, you must lift the upper torso from the floor.
  4. Lift your left shoulder towards the left one and the right one in the same manner.
  5. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

Bicycle Exercise

Bicycling is one of the best exercises to reduce your fat belly. However, if you do not have a cycle, you can still do it with the help of the bicycle exercise.

bicycle exercise abs

  1. Lie on the mat on the floor and keep the hands on either side behind your head and by the side as you do in the case of the crunches
  2. Lift both the legs off from the ground and bend your knees.
  3. Bring the right knee very close to the chest, keeping the left leg out.
  4. Take the right leg out and bring the left leg close to the chest.
  5. Alternatively, use the knees as the bicycle.
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Reverse crunch

Losing belly fat indeed involves doing lots of crunches. It is the right time to do the reverse crunches as well with the twist crunches.

reverse crunch

  1. It is quite similar to that of the twist crunch exercise
  2. It would help if you tilted the legs behind as like the shoulders. It is one of the best exercises for your abdomen and if you are targeting your lower belly fat.

Rolling Plank Exercise

The planks are tough to do, and yet they are quite effective to reduce your belly fat. Planks put pressure on your belly portion, and you get a slim belly within a few days.

plank exercise belly fat

  1. Lie on the mat with the knees and elbows resting on the ground. Keep your necks aligned with the spine
  2. Look forward. Lift the knees and support the legs on the toes.
  3. Contract the knees and keep your breathing regular.
  4. Continue in the same position for 30 seconds.

Stomach Vacuum Exercise

This exercise is concentrated on increasing the breathing rate rather than focusing on the heartbeat rate. It is best for reducing your waist fat. This exercise mainly focuses on reducing your upper abdomen fat, and it is quite helpful.

stomach vacuum exercise

  1. Lie on the floor on the four legs; support your body with the help of knees and hands.
  2. Breathe deeply and lose your abdomen
  3. Tighten the abdomen muscles while exhaling the air
  4. Keep the position for 15-30 seconds.


Yes, it is considered as one of the easiest and the best exercise to reduce your belly fat. If you walk at least 2 hours a day, you will see a change in your overall look, and there will be a reduction in the belly fat.

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Night Walk

  1. Cardio is one of the best ways to reduce fat.
  2. Cardio is the best way to burn the belly fat and the fat accumulation in the legs
  3. Walk at least 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the night.


These are some of the practical exercises for reducing your belly fat. If you want to reduce your belly fat, you can follow the strict diet from your doctor and along with it, try out these exercises at home.

Workouts to Lose Belly Fat

Lower down the intake of sugar, processed food, red meat and dairy products if you want to reduce your belly fat permanently. These exercises not only reduce belly fat but also fat from the waist and legs too.

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