Dataiku Announces The 2022 Frontrunner Award Winners

By | October 20, 2022

Now in its second year, the awards program celebrates extraordinary people in the global data science community who are paving the way for a better future with Everyday AI

NEW YORK, LONDON, & PARIS – Oct. 20, 2022: Dataiku, the platform for Everyday AI, today announced the winners of its second annual Frontrunner Awards program. Created to celebrate the success of all people who harness the power of data, the awards saw 80 entries submitted from Dataiku customers, partners, nonprofits, academics, and individuals. The category winners and finalists were chosen by a panel of judges composed of Dataiku executives and industry experts.

“This year’s Dataiku Frontrunner Awards saw some excellent entries from those leveraging Dataiku to do everything from systemizing the use of data to building moonshot projects for a better future,” said Florian Douetteau, co-founder and CEO of Dataiku. “Every entry demonstrated Dataiku’s expertise in bridging the gap between business users and data scientists, and our judges had their work cut out for them in selecting among these truly impressive initiatives. We’d like to extend our thanks to all those who submitted entries, and our congratulations to all finalists and winners.”

Category Winners and Finalists of the 2022 Dataiku Frontrunner Awards

Data Science for Good
Winner: The Ocean Cleanup – Creating the World’s Largest Beach Cleanup Database to Optimize Positive Impact

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Responsible AI
Winner: Atlantic Technological University – Research on Application of Machine Learning to Optimize Learning Analytics & Improve Student Retention

Value at Scale
Winner: Australia Post – Leveraging ML-Based Forecasting to Optimize Capacity Planning at Processing Facilities in a Large-Scale Logistics Network

Partner Acceleration
Winner: Aviva – Machine Learning Approach for Log Analytics by Wipro

Moonshot Pioneers
Winner: Unilever – Creating Data-Driven Product Ideas Based Exclusively on Consumer Wants and Needs

Most Impactful Transformation Story
Winner: AstraZeneca – How Dataiku Is Helping Enable Self-Service AI and Data Analysis Across the Enterprise

Most Impactful Ikig.AI Story
Winner: ALMA Observatory (on behalf of volunteers) – Fostering Collaboration From All Backgrounds For a Good Cause