Low carb diet and bananas

By | September 27, 2020

low carb diet and bananas

Low Carb Stupidity Believing that carrots, bananas or tomatoes are fattening because they’re high on the glycemic index and because a popular fad diet book says so. Low Carb Intelligence Have Americans lost any remaining grip with common sense? With an average banana coming in at calories do you really think that this yellow, nutrient-dense, low-calorie, all-natural, straight-out-of-the-ground fruit is going to make you fat? Compare that to the average serving of salad dressing which clocks in at over calories with absolutely no redeeming nutritional value. Perhaps carrots, bananas and tomatoes have more calories per serving than broccoli or cucumbers but try them against a “low carb bar” which typically clock in at over

They may be higher in carbs than other fruits, but the humble banana packs a very nutritious punch. I’m often asked about my stance on bananas, and when I give them the green light some people will ask, “But aren’t they fattening? An Appalachian State University study, which compared bananas to a sports drink during intense cycling, found that bananas offered several advantages. In the study, trained cyclists gulped either a cup of a carb-rich drink or downed half a banana every 15 minutes during a road race of two-and-a-half to three hours. Some research also indicates that inadequate dopamine may be tied to obesity. But bananas aren’t just for athletes.

Low carb diet and bananas all

Close Share options. For example, prickly pear cactus helps lower blood sugar numbers. For more articles or free fitness tools visit If we can combine this program with gentle regular exercise, eg swimming, walking, jogging, bike the results will be spectacular. People have somehow gotten it into their heads that weight gain is all about the carb grams, not the calories. If you’re considering a low-carb diet, remember to count your calories and nutrients first. Knowing that fat loss or gain always did and always will boil down to the fact that if you eat more than you burn you will gain weight.

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Low Carb Stupidity Believing calories don’t count dier you just count carb grams. So, if you only have 60 grams of carbohydrates to eat during the day, you have to choose your foods. Melt a quarter cup of dark chocolate chips, such as Dagoba Chocodrops, which are 73 percent dark.

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