NSW to remain open to SA

By | November 16, 2020

NSW has continued its local virus-free streak for a ninth consecutive day as Gladys Berejiklian confirmed the state would keep its borders open to South Australia.

Zero cases of community transmission were recorded in the state up to 8pm on Sunday, while two infections were diagnosed in hotel quarantine.

However, Ms Berejiklian said a case of community transmission was picked up during the last 24 hours but is believed to be an old infection from October.

“In that case we’re still doing extremely well,” she told reporters on Monday.

The announcement comes as South Australian health authorities race to contain the state’s first COVID-19 outbreak since April.

There are now 17 cases linked to one cluster.

But Ms Berejiklian said the border between NSW and South Australia would remain open for now.

“I don’t think it is a sensible approach moving forward to shut your borders every time there is an outbreak. We are in the pandemic. We know there will be outbreaks,” she said.

The Premier recognised it was critical to get on top of those outbreaks, and NSW health authorities would remain in constant talks with their South Australian counterparts.

“At the end of the day, with need to live with the pandemic, and that is why I say to every state, have confidence in your system,” she said.

“Open up so that if there is an outbreak, we can all support each other and work together.”

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