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10 Of The Best Exercises For Knee Pain

Your knees are among the strongest joints in your body, they support your body weight while providing stability as you walk, run, bend, jump and lift. Your knees also allow you the mobility to sit and stand. Unfortunately, your knees are also the most commonly injured joints in your body. The knee joint forms at… Read More »

Best paleo diet documentary

Most Popular 1. Australia’s peak body for registered medical practitioners has now doubled down on its criticisms. The doctor was talking about performing an EGD or an upper endoscopy and taking a small bite of the duodenum the beginning of the small bowel and “cutting into the colon” which is surgery. She says there is… Read More »

Best Fruits for Weight Loss

7 Best Fruits for Weight Loss Best Fruits for Weight Loss : Did you know that eating certain fruits (or their byproducts) can help you lose some weight? Let us look at five nutritious fruits that not only help you lose weight but also offer many other health benefits. Grapefruit – Rich Source of Vitamin C