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Suffering from lockdown brain? How to improve memory and concentration

Nearly 12 months in, and heavy is the head that bears lockdown. Coping during this period of national incarceration has been a mental battle — and experts say the dramatic change to our lifestyles, coupled with unprecedented levels of stress, has aged our brains. If you’ve been feeling more forgetful, unable to concentrate, and stumbling… Read More »

MoneyGate selects CapitalBanker™ from Capital Banking Solutions for its operation in Cyprus

December 29th, 2020 – Capital Banking Solutions announced today that EMI MoneyGate has signed for CapitalBanker™, the core banking platform from Capital Banking Solutions. CapitalBanker™ is a cloud-ready, innovative platform that helps banks easily build, automate, and scale core banking operations allowing them to achieve the things that matter most to their business: New product… Read More »