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Doing These Breathing Techniques Will Help You Get Killer Abs

Erika​ ​Bloom​,​ pioneer Pilates instructor and a former professional dancer has a trick for strengthening your abdominal muscles, and it doesn’t involve working out. The luxury wellness expert has provided holistic, supportive, body-changing Pilates in many places, and she has a few tricks up her sleeve for getting killer abs. Breathing, and that’s it! We’ve… Read More »

Can I help my Meniere disease with diet

If this limit does not help, please consult your doctor. Read nutrition labels. Know how much sodium is in your foods. Look up nutrition facts for free at calorieking. Ears Otology. Avoidance of non-dietary substances such as nicotine and some types of medications may also reduce symptoms. The fluid that bathes the sensory cells of… Read More »