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Finance ‘Guru’ Reveals Financial Collapse and COVID Jab Data

Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint. It was originally published September 04, 2022. In this video, I interview Edward Dowd, a hedge fund “guru”1 and former equity portfolio manager for BlackRock, one of the two largest asset managers in the world, Vanguard being the other. Over the past two years, Dowd has courageously come… Read More »

What’s Actually in the COVID-19 Vaccines?

Jan Jekielek, senior editor with The Epoch Times and host of “American Thought Leaders,” spoke with microbiologist Kevin McKernan — a former researcher and team leader for the MIT Human Genome project1 — about DNA contamination in COVID-19 shots.2 In a preprint study McKernan and colleagues assessed the nucleic acid composition of four expired vials… Read More »

STIHL sets revenue record and focuses on dual technological leadership

Waiblingen, Germany – The STIHL Group finished the challenging fiscal year 2022 with record-breaking revenue of 5.5 billion euros, equating to growth of 8.6 percent compared to the previous year. As an international business, the company generated 90 percent of its revenue outside its domestic market of Germany. The rise was attributable in… Read More »

Why Were Such Terrible Approaches Chosen to Handle COVID-19?

Two of the themes I’ve repeatedly tried to illustrate in my writings are the widespread lack of critical thinking in medicine and the pervasive propaganda apparatus that in many ways has taken its place. I believe both of these are particularly relevant to the current attempts to revive the COVID response. For example, when someone… Read More »