‘Karen’ tells Burger King worker her uniform is a ‘distraction’ to her husband

You can’t always have it your way.  A Burger King employee is virtually flame-broiling a “Karen” for making a fuss over how tasty her buns looked in her work uniform.  “I had a lady complain today because my uniform was a ‘distraction’ to her husband,” the fast-food staffer, known digitally as Lala, complained in a viral social… Read More »

Is COVID-19 a Risk Factor for Postpartum Psychosis?

There is evidence in non-perinatal populations that human coronaviruses can be neurotropic and that virus infection may increase vulnerability to neuropsychiatric illness, including depression, anxiety, psychosis and delirium. Based on this finding,  researchers have speculated that there may be an association between contracting COVID-19 and developing a postpartum psychiatric illness.  This hypothesis has been preliminarily… Read More »