Fitfluencer stays ripped by getting hit with watermelons, baseball bats

It’s like fruit-smashing comedian Gallagher is hitting the gym. A New Jersey fitfluencer has devised an unconventional way to stay swoll — by having trainers hit him with watermelons, doing underwater situps and performing other unorthodox routines that would put “Rocky” to shame. A montage of his hardcore training regimen has amassed more than 2.6… Read More »

Pfizer, Moderna COVID-19 vaccines likely effective against Indian coronavirus variant, researchers suggest

Coronavirus vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna appeared to remain effective against a subtype of the Indian virus variant, according to early findings presented Tuesday from researchers at Emory University.  The findings, posted to bioRxiv late Monday ahead of peer review, suggested the B.1.617.1 variant dealt an approximate seven-fold reduction in protection from prior infection and vaccination. However,… Read More »