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U.S. Science Embrace of Wuhan “Gain-Of-Function” Viral Research Proved A Slippery Slope

By MIKE MAGEE The truth hurts. Eighteen months into a disaster that has claimed 3.5 million lives around the globe, the truth is seeping out. Human error likely caused the Covid pandemic, and America’s Medical-Industrial Complex was right in the middle of it. Signs of a “great awakening” have emerged from various corners in the… Read More »

Science diet renal cat dry food

It can relieve kidney difficulties, as well as supporting a long, high-quality life. These recipes have been clinically tested to improve and lengthen a cat’s quality of life by supporting kidney health. Very pleased with this and a great price on VetUK! He seems so much healthier and happier. Kim spent about 23 minutes on… Read More »